Róbert Kováčik
Cutler and Weapon Engraver

I was born in Lučenec and I´m 32 years old. I have started with the knife

production allready at the college, when I made my first knife from the
surgical steel AK5. I produced the several knife types for the friends and family.
I had worked in the several firms after the graduation and along with this
I produced the knives and I improved my skills in the metal and wood engraving.
I have finished my weapon engraving studies in the Zbrojovka Uherský Brod
in 2000.
I have established my own firm named „RK- ART KOVORYTECTVO“
focused on the art knife production and the weapon engraving. I perform the
renovation of the old weapons and engravings as well.
I am member of the Slovak Cutlers Association.


Every knife and engraving I make are the original ones.
You can look on my works in the Knives and Weapons Gallery.










Mobil : +421 907 644 800 e-mail :